Why more and more girls choose to be single

IXnes posted on September 19, 2017 at 17:55

It is said that in the future, the population of male will be more than female about 30 million, so girls seem to be chased by many males. While the fact is that more and more girls choose to be single, even they are more than 30. These girls are trend to be the new generation.

Many parents are worried about their daughters’ marriage. They want their girls find their life partner, so that they can feel easy, because someone takes the job of taking care of their sweet heart. While nowadays, the girls are independent, they chase for equality in the new family, while most Chinese parents are still very traditional. They think once the girl marries their son, it is her duty to do all the house chores. In this way, the girl can’t find the balance between family and work. The smart one will choose the latter.

The girls’ choice shows that they pay more attention to their rights and realize what they want. In the marriage, male and female share the equal responsibility. When men learn to be considerate, then the girls will choose the marriage.

Zhang and Du Mingli meet, decided to work together, take the opportunity to punish wu. And when the two people talked about it, it was found that the bag of sham dried blood was involved in Hu's herbal medicine mill. Du Mingli agreed, this is just what words guarantee Wu, nothing to do with others. For Hu Yongmei, he always gives special treatment to him.

Hu Yongmei was lying on the bed for a few days. She lost her heart and suffered great creation, and she had been tortured to be pale. See the father to end the medicine, she asked his father why not me. Hu boss have difficulties but not openly, had to raise Chuwang wife persuaded her to treasure the body. After all, Hu Yongmei could not bear to make his parents sad, not too insistence.

Wu Yuwen and several other real master Wu to sit together to discuss industry accounts, finalize some key matters. Sanyuan pawn latest accounts came out, Wu Yuwen looked at but not quite right. Because compared to peer level, less than a Jiqianliang profit. This pawnshop is involved in Lord Wu Jiasan, so we can't be careful. He has always been cautious, this is not just to hire Wu called act rashly and alert the enemy, let he secretly visits.

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