The value of overseas degree

IXnes posted on September 18, 2017 at 21:02

One day later, Wu Yu cope with the imperial blue things, Wu was also hired out of yamen. The two men think about this unexpected trouble who is the Bureau of cloth. The car hire Wu wanted to determine the cause of Shen Yuesheng's death, and there is Shen Sihai into court that bribes is the imperial prefect Wu shield.

Wu returned to the room and saw Zhou Ying waiting for him, knowing that she was coming to ask the day. Wu recruits know this girl to worry about, and considering the current Zhou Ying indenture children in shenyang. He understand Wu Shen two enemies, Zhou Ying will be implicated, is likely to be sentenced to Shenyang continue to suffer.

So Wu is ready to send Zhou Ying back to his "home" Henan, and also carefully prepare her business capital and gifts. But Zhou Ying listened to his words and turned red. She lingers in the Wu hired outside, listening to the people of all have their care.

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