Small cities attract graduates

IXnes posted on September 17, 2017 at 09:04

Many years ago, working in the big cities was many graduates’ choice. They wanted to earn high salary and then found their own place in the economic zones. But now, the situation changes, as the government put forward some welfare, more graduates trend to work in the small cities.

The big cities are still the graduates’ first choice to work. In order to lure more talents to join the building of small cities, the local government has provided much welfare, such as the fund to do the project, the nice house to live and so on. Because of the pressure in the big cities, more young people like to join the team. But the problems will come as they live for a long time.

Some young people can’t adapt themselves to the new environment, where full of old generation and small kids around. It seems to be lacking vitality for them. What’s more, nobody knows the policy that local government provides whether will change someday. So when graduates make decision, they need to make further consideration, or they will waste the best years to search the right place.

The Yamen cordoned off the area is still under investigation, Shen Sihai infuriated, insisted that Wu Jia Dong hospital who killed his son. How do Wu Yuwen do not work, at this juncture, the two will be in their own interests and suspicion. Not to mention the fueling lawsuit.

That bloom on a perfect circle stills (Shen Yue Wu Jia Dong College of life and death in warehouse)

After Zhifu Zhao adults took Wu employed, Wu Yuwen went to the library to check the medicine, found a bag of blood is being tampered with the fake. In the governors came to question the mouth, a bag of fake blood enough to stir up the reign of terror!

The magistrate saw Wu personally conduct the servant went out hurriedly, clutching a bag of things. He followed all the way and found that the servant was involved in more people.

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