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IXnes posted on September 16, 2017 at 08:01

That bloom on a perfect circle (stills Shen Xingyi from Zhou Ying indenture)
At the end of Wu Yuwen's pharmaceutical project, there was a news that some people were reporting false medicine. Almost at the same time, Shen's family received the news. The military is extremely important, and Wu Shen involves the interests of two parties. Both of them immediately set out to check their own process and found no problems. In this case, before the offer is too low and Wu Shen make half of orders, will appear "was profound.". The merchant based on instinct, master Shenyang and Master Wu began to surmise each other's motives, think this is deliberately hurt each other. Wu Yuwen ordered all military related hire Wu and the books are sealed, because this case is very important, ranging from exile, heavy capital.

The young Shen Yuesheng is out of the way, he wanted to go to Wu Ren life hall to find evidence despite his father's block. Because the governors to Jingyang tomorrow, can not give up this opportunity. Shen Yuesheng went into the benevolence hall alone, and did not return all night. The Shensi sea was in a hurry to get on the fire. Wu is preparing to issue an appointment, but found the warehouse door was open. He pushed the door and saw Shen Yuesheng, who had no breath in the pool of blood. Shen son died in Wu's yard, sinister curtain!

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