People who are engaged in these professions are more likely to get divorced

IXnes posted on September 09, 2017 at 15:48

Obviously, there are many reasons couples decide to divorce, and some researchers reckon it could even be in your genes. Regardless, being a divorcee is something you should never be ashamed of. But apparently, the job you or your partner does can also make a split more likely.

Nathan Yau, a statistician, looked into recent divorce data to figure out which careers came with a higher divorce rate. According to Women's Health US, he used U.S. Census Bureau's Five Year American Community Survey and was able to pick out eight trends relating to divorced couples' jobs.

1. Gaming managers
With a 52.9% divorce rate, gaming managers were the most likely to split. We're talking people who work face-to-face with customers in casinos and game rooms. Bear in mind, a lot of booze and chatting is involved in this occupation...

2. Gaming services workers
Similar to number 1, gaming service workers have a 50.7% divorce rate, according to Yau.

3. Cabin crew
Flight attendants were found to have a divorce rate of 50.5%. Guess hours-upon-hours in the air gives you a fair bit of time to meet new people...

4 and 5. Construction
Rolling machine setters, operators, and tenders, in particular, were found to have a 50.1% divorce rate. While 46.9% of marriages where one partner's occupation fell under 'extruding and drawing machine setters, operators and tenders' ended in divorce.

6. Switchboard operators
So, 49.7% was the divorce rate for those lovely, helpful people who put you through the right person. Are they potentially chatting people up before dialing them in?

7. Telemarketers
This particular occupation must have a high-pressure level, right? Being constantly hung up on and shouted at must really take its toll. The divorce rate for telemarketers was 49.7%. Splitting the divorce rates into 'occupation category', Yau said, 'Those in transportation and material moving, such as flight attendants and bus drivers, tend to have higher divorce rates. Those in architecture and engineering tend to have lower divorce rates.'

He also found those on higher salaries tended to have lower divorce rates, but was keen to point out that salary wasn't a 'cause' for divorce.

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