Why more and more girls choose to be single
September 19, 2017 at 17:55

Zhang and Du Mingli meet, decided to work together, take the opportunity to punish wu. And when the two people talked about it, it was found that the bag of sham dried blood was involved in Hu's herbal medicine mill. Du Mingli agreed, this is just what words guarantee Wu, nothing to do with others. For Hu Yongmei, he always gives special treatment to him.

Hu Yongmei was lying on the bed for a few days. She lost her heart and suffered great creation, and she had been tortured to be pale. See the father to end the medicine, she asked his father why not me. Hu boss have difficulties but not openly, had to raise Chuwang wife persuaded her to treasure the body. After all, Hu Yongmei could not bear to make his parents sad, not too insistence.

Wu Yuwen and several other real master Wu to sit together to discuss industry accounts, finalize some key matters. Sanyuan pawn latest accounts came out, Wu Yuwen looked at but not quite right. Because compared to peer level, less than a Jiqianliang profit. This pawnshop is involved in Lord Wu Jiasan, so we can't be careful. He has always been cautious, this is not just to hire Wu called act rashly and alert the enemy, let he secretly visits.

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The value of overseas degree
September 18, 2017 at 21:02

One day later, Wu Yu cope with the imperial blue things, Wu was also hired out of yamen. The two men think about this unexpected trouble who is the Bureau of cloth. The car hire Wu wanted to determine the cause of Shen Yuesheng's death, and there is Shen Sihai into court that bribes is the imperial prefect Wu shield.

Wu returned to the room and saw Zhou Ying waiting for him, knowing that she was coming to ask the day. Wu recruits know this girl to worry about, and considering the current Zhou Ying indenture children in shenyang. He understand Wu Shen two enemies, Zhou Ying will be implicated, is likely to be sentenced to Shenyang continue to suffer.

So Wu is ready to send Zhou Ying back to his "home" Henan, and also carefully prepare her business capital and gifts. But Zhou Ying listened to his words and turned red. She lingers in the Wu hired outside, listening to the people of all have their care.

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Small cities attract graduates
September 17, 2017 at 09:04

The Yamen cordoned off the area is still under investigation, Shen Sihai infuriated, insisted that Wu Jia Dong hospital who killed his son. How do Wu Yuwen do not work, at this juncture, the two will be in their own interests and suspicion. Not to mention the fueling lawsuit.

That bloom on a perfect circle stills (Shen Yue Wu Jia Dong College of life and death in warehouse)

After Zhifu Zhao adults took Wu employed, Wu Yuwen went to the library to check the medicine, found a bag of blood is being tampered with the fake. In the governors came to question the mouth, a bag of fake blood enough to stir up the reign of terror!

The magistrate saw Wu personally conduct the servant went out hurriedly, clutching a bag of things. He followed all the way and found that the servant was involved in more people.

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The real-name system of weibo
September 16, 2017 at 08:01

That bloom on a perfect circle (stills Shen Xingyi from Zhou Ying indenture)
At the end of Wu Yuwen's pharmaceutical project, there was a news that some people were reporting false medicine. Almost at the same time, Shen's family received the news. The military is extremely important, and Wu Shen involves the interests of two parties. Both of them immediately set out to check their own process and found no problems. In this case, before the offer is too low and Wu Shen make half of orders, will appear "was profound.". The merchant based on instinct, master Shenyang and Master Wu began to surmise each other's motives, think this is deliberately hurt each other. Wu Yuwen ordered all military related hire Wu and the books are sealed, because this case is very important, ranging from exile, heavy capital.

The young Shen Yuesheng is out of the way, he wanted to go to Wu Ren life hall to find evidence despite his father's block. Because the governors to Jingyang tomorrow, can not give up this opportunity. Shen Yuesheng went into the benevolence hall alone, and did not return all night. The Shensi sea was in a hurry to get on the fire. Wu is preparing to issue an appointment, but found the warehouse door was open. He pushed the door and saw Shen Yuesheng, who had no breath in the pool of blood. Shen son died in Wu's yard, sinister curtain!

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People who are engaged in these professions are more likely to get divorced
September 09, 2017 at 15:48

In the week when Ying shut up, Wu Shen to hire, came to discuss the two orders of plaster offer things. The original Shenyang son Shen Yuesheng to rash, trying to use the low price competition way out of Wu, to this list. Wu Pinzheng was aware of the matter and came to discuss a win-win solution. Shen Yuesheng did not appreciate, but he did not know that this is Du Mingli dug pit, for two days after Wu Shen bought the curse of grudges.

Although Zhou Ying is locked up, but the application of art with a hoe grinding hand on the rope to escape from shenyang. Xing Sheng soon found that the set of all search the whereabouts of Zhou Ying ding. Seeing the door locked, Zhou Ying Jizhongshengzhi hid in the courtyard of the chair. She did not know that this was the sedan chair of Wu employed.

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September 08, 2017 at 09:03

A person always looks up and admires others' happiness. When he looks back, he finds himself is being looked up and admired. Actually everyone is happy, but your happiness is always in the eyes of others. Many things need to be treated with gratitude. Thanks for the peoples who helped you, thanks for the peoples who supported you. Happiness is contentment, life is short, cherish the good people around you.

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